Results - Database Edition

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PPP (3x40) - Match 1 - 2014-04-14
Chris Lott1102.000
James Daly1046.000
Kenneth Hart946.000
PPP (3x20) - Match 1 - 2014-04-15
Alethea Sedgman564.000
James Daly522.000
Chloe Romanoff499.000
Kenneth Hart476.000
50m Bench - Match 1 - 2014-04-16
Alan Collins599.046
Lucy Romanoff599.046
Richard Bourke598.048
Ruth Mulcahy597.048
Graham Bickerdike597.047
Kenneth Wilson597.046
Richard Lightfoot597.044
David Ball597.043
William Knight596.042
Ernest Mulcahy596.039
Andrew Ball596.036
Paul Janicki594.036
Gerhard Maya594.036
Robert Marshall593.040
Suzane Bourke592.030
Reginald McCready591.031
Kyle Janicki589.030
10m Air Rifle - Match 1 - 2014-04-16
Chris Lott563.000
James Daly557.000
Michael Jarrad545.000
Christopher Foster489.000
Craig Cameron474.000
Alex Cameron473.000
Cameron Paterson470.000
David Coupe456.000
Dean Romanoff448.000
50m Bench - Match 2 - 2014-04-17
Alan Collins600.050
Richard Bourke599.054
Gerhard Maya599.047
Graham Bickerdike598.047
Ernest Mulcahy598.046
Paul Janicki597.046
Ruth Mulcahy596.041
Richard Lightfoot595.045
Andrew Ball595.040
Kenneth Wilson595.038
Suzane Bourke594.038
David Ball594.036
Kyle Janicki593.035
Lucy Romanoff591.037
William Knight591.037
Reginald McCready591.035
Robert Marshall587.031
50m Prone - Match 1 - 2014-04-17
Chris Lott589.030
James Daly585.026
Xavier McLaurin582.030
Darren Crozier581.028
Russell Croser579.021
Dean Romanoff576.026
Cameron Paterson571.020
10m Air Rifle - Match 1 - 2014-04-17
Chris Lott556.000
James Daly555.000
Michael Jarrad549.000
Kenneth Hart518.000
Christopher Foster507.000
Cameron Paterson496.000
Alex Cameron494.000
Craig Cameron484.000
David Coupe453.000
20m Prone - Match 1 - 2014-04-19
Michael Jarrad596.030
Chris Lott593.028
James Daly592.000
Paul Janicki592.000
Cameron Paterson591.000
Richard Bourke589.000
Darren Crozier589.000
Janine Chick589.000
Dean Romanoff588.000
Xavier McLaurin584.000
David Coupe584.000
Kenneth Hart581.000
Chloe Romanoff580.000
Christopher Foster580.000
Craig Cameron579.000
Trevor Drage578.000
Alex Cameron577.000
Russell Croser572.000
Emma Croser563.000
Luke Crozier553.000
Kyle Janicki540.000
50m Bench - Match 1 - 2014-04-19
Richard Lightfoot600.051
Gerhard Maya598.052
Kenneth Wilson598.042
David Ball598.041
Suzane Bourke598.037
Alan Collins597.042
Ernest Mulcahy596.050
Richard Bourke596.047
Lucy Romanoff596.047
Graham Bickerdike594.044
Andrew Ball594.040
Ruth Mulcahy593.039
Reginald McCready592.034
William Knight586.031